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Stanford Lecture - analysis of the presentation skills of Steve Jobs

PDF logoSell your ideas the Steve Jobs Way - Carmine Gallo              Video /  (50 minutes)  Free  PDF (try before you buy) 

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Oxford Lecture - Economy/architecture  UK infrastructure to meet future challenges

PDF logoInfrastructure development in UK ? Lord Foster                      Video /  (45 minutes)                                                    
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Harvard Lecture  

PDF logoGlobalisation - Niall Ferguson                                                         Video  (1hr 5 minutes) 
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NASA Lecture - Science  astrobiology the search for life in the solar system

PDF logoHow do we search for life on other worlds ? Dr Chris McKay    Video /  (45 minutes)                                                    
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Medical Lecture - Cardiology integrative approaches to prevent heart disease

PDF logoNatural Strategies for High Ranking Health Dr S. Devries   Video /  (45 minutes)                                                    
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Uni of South Australia Lecture - Business strategies in an economic downturn

PDF logoMarketing in a recession  Rachel kennedy                                    Video /  (45 minutes)                                                     
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Yale Lecture - Law & Politics lecture on Government taking land using Legal cases

PDF logoLand and property rights? Dr Wrago                                                Video /  (50 minutes)                                                    
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RSA Lecture - Psychology   perspectives on how time affects our work, health and well-being

PDF logoThe secret power of time ? Professor Zimbardo                          Video /  (45 minutes)                                                    
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Edinburgh Lecture - Psychology   UK Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology.

PDF logoAgeing world, ageing mind ? Prof Ian Deary                                Video /  (55 minutes)                                                    
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World Lecture - Environment/Politics - introduction to Climate Change

PDF logoThe inconvenient truth -  Al Gore                                                      Video / (watch from 0:00 to 26 minutes)                             
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Official informative Video - informative talk on improvements for food

PDF logoFood security - Global food security programme                              video (3 minutes)  / Free  PDF (try before you buy)